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Ripple and Chris Larsen Shift Whopping 1.5 Billion XRP While Coin Holds at $0.65

Ripple has released 1 billion XRP from escrow while Chris Larsen and Ripple Genesis Wallet have parted with almost half a million XRP as the coin holds at the $0.65 level

One billion XRP has left Ripple’s escrow wallet, as usually happens on the first day of each month. Aside from that, Ripple and its former CEO Chris Larsen have shifted almost half a million XRP, while the coin’s exchange rate remains at the $0.65 level.

All in all, Ripple has transferred a whopping 1.5 billion XRP, which constitutes roughly $933 million.

Ripple unlocks 1 billion XRP onto the market

Earlier today, blockchain giant Ripple made two major transfers from its escrow wallet—500 million XRP each—according to popular tracking service Whale Alert.


Image via TwitterThis has been happening since 2017 and is already a well-established habit. Previously, after each release on the first day of every month, around 800 million coins were sent back to escrow to be locked.

The total amount of XRP kept in escrow at the moment totals 48.3 billion, minus one billion unlocked today.

The total amount of XRP held by Ripple is 6,356,552,808, as per data from the Ripple website.

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