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Cardano Is No.1 In Github Monthly Development Activity: “Double Than Ethereum”



Cardano keeps making headlines these days due to various achievements and also thanks to the big plans that the team behind the project has for the future.

Cardano is number 1 in Github Monthly Development Activity

Now, here’s the latest relevant announcement about the project that’s been shared on Twitter:

As a response, someone in the community posted the following tweet:

The community members were really excited, especially seeing the fact that Cardano is double than Ethereum.


Bullish ADA price predictions

In other recent news, there have been all kinds of price predictions for the ADA coin, and the latest one is extremely bullish.

At the moment of writing this article, ADA is trading in the red, and the coin is priced at $0.158734.

Check out this new price prediction for the digital asset.


The same Twitter account posted this: “should ETH 2.0 be massively delayed, a complete failure or projects flock to Cardano in droves – even these numbers could be conservative. Stay frosty people! Whatever happens, we are in for one hell of a ride in 2021! BUZZ.”



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