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Ethereum (ETH) Already a Global Settlement Layer for More than ~$1 Trillion in Digital Assets



Joseph Lubin pointed to how the launch of the ETH2 Beacon Chain is indicative of the emergent, open-source ethos which has attracted so many to Ethereum in the first place. More than 27,000 validators from across the globe are now participating in the new ETH2 consensus model.

Proof of Stake is considered to be an epic upgrade of the crypto-economic incentives.  Improvement in incentives is the key to making Ethereum an automated and objective foundation for trust. Further the community are collectively improving on their commitment to coming up with a maximally decentralized network.

An objective and trustworthy frame of reference is required for the global economy to coordinate the logic and transactions that take place between business networks.


In this process Ethereum is considered to be the entity functioning already as a global settlement layer for nearly ~$1 trillion in digital assets on the decentralized web.

And while scalability won’t change overnight, the community is proving that with the right engineering and incentives, Ethereum is on the path to be even more decentralized and secure today.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Ethereum (ETH) has only one issue scalability when that is set right, the rest is going to history about it.  It can get to be the hard to beat heavy weight in the blockchain industry.”

Proof of Stake will involve staking to activate validator software.  Active validators will process transactions to create new blocks in chain.  The network is expected to be coordinate well from now on. On technical road maps this is Phase 0.


Ethereum Miners on Miner Extractable Value (MEV)

When more money goes in to DeFi there will come a point in time when there will be more money to be made per block by front running than actually mining. It has been previously established that by eliminating inefficient MEV extraction, it will be possible to increase Ethereum throughput by 2.4%. The 2.4% is a small improvement though. Analysts have stated that the actual number will be higher.

An MEV inspect Dashboard is set to be hosted publicly very soon, and anyone will be able to access it.

Ethereum Retweeted:  “Around three years ago, I became interested in a question: what unexpected new challenges do smart contracts pose to security? My journey led me to give a devcon talk about the dangers of dexes, defi, and MEV. Today, we lay the groundwork for MEV to become a public good.”

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