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IOTA 1.5 network Upgrade on Blockchain Soon Firefly to be IOTA’s new wallet Users Wondering Why another Wallet



Jakub Cech expressed, the new high-level API that we’re implementing in our IOTA client libs for Chrysalis phase 2 (IOTA 1.5 network upgrade) will be great. Will remove many of the protocol complexities and will make building on and maintaining projects built on IOTA easier than ever.

Users are happy because they are confident that finally they will be able to see projects on IOTA.

There was a recent announcement to the IOTA Coders which stated, to the coders in the IOTA Community.  We have set up a private leaderboard on at by ericwast1.  Further stated, join IF developers during this Advent of Code. Further stated, the code to the leaderboard is in the IOTA Discord pinned in the development channel.


In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “IOTA Coders are busy in bringing out the best innovation in the next generation of innovative technologies.”

With The IOTA 1.5 network upgrade soon approaching, Firefly is expected to be IOTA’s new wallet. This they say is the result of over 3 years of learning, with next-level security, an improved user experience & an expandable app architecture.

In response to the new wallet, one of the users stated, a new wallet again. Plus it looks like a generic bootstrap design. This don’t strike much confidence. You could have easily just called it Trinity. You really hype this “new product” and naming thing.

Some members also expressed, another wallet? What for? That should really not be a priority at the moment.


Some of them expressed their suspicion over this wallet stating with the last Trinity wallet you guys said it is one of the safest out there and it got hacked a year after will this happen with this one as well or is it secure this time?

Users are not interested in bumping in another Trinity like incident.

IOTA and Citi Infrastructure

IOTA continue to hold on to their reinstatement that Distributed ledger technology can do for cities infrastructure what existing technologies can’t.  Security upgrades to critical infrastructure is the most needed.  IOTA can make it possible at best.


IOTA and IOT have proven their capabilities in the process of building trust between traders, governments, logistics and end customers in the supply chains.

Jens Munch, Head of Global Trade and Supply Chain in the Agritech and digital supply webinar clarified the details.

Also, the IOTA foundation received the TM forum award in the process of enabling digital transformation.



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