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TRON Foundation Giving Free TRX the Digital Petroleum in Rewards alongside STEEM Excited Steemians



TRON Foundation announced an exciting news for all the Steemians.  They have been waiting for the exciting news about the rewards and the news is out.

Justin Sun tweeted:  Users will now be able to earn additional TRX rewards alongside STEEM Power when posting content on the Steem blockchain.”

However, some of the users are trying to confuse the discussion by stating that STEEM is now HIVE failing to acknowledge the existence of STEEM. However, that has not disturbed the user perception of the rewards as many of them have been asking how to participate in the reward process. Some of them were even asking if the TRON users will be getting Wrapped STEEM. Some call it dead, but user interests prove it is real and very much alive.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Concerning TRON Foundation STEEM and HIVE it is very well known that there has been a controversy, but each of them are continuing with their official business now. Forget the past and move ahead.”

TRON achievement is reportedly with total transactions on TRON exceeding 1.3 billion.  Also the No 47 and No 48 voting request has been officially approved.  The achievements are appreciated by the community.


TRON (TRX) Adjusting the Incentive Mechanism

TRON Foundation have been recently talking about adjusting the incentive mechanism of the entire network with a goal to encourage long-term holders who are staking their tokens for Voting.

There was a medium publication in this regard. Justin published an open letter stating how TRON Network will improve its democratic governance and development in the future.

It is important to note that several public blockchains have flopped; however, TRON network has surpassed Ethereum to be the busiest public chain in the industry. So, now Justin Sun have to state that TRON is the Digital Petroleum thus giving an analogy similar to Bitcoin being the Digital Gold.


He reinstated that their core priority is to transform TRON into a fast, efficient and ultra cost-effective decentralized network centered round a well-established incentive and governance mechanism.

Justin Sun in a way to give confidence to more of users who are going to come states that TRON is the most secure and decentralized. He also stated that security is a cost issue. Irrespective of whether it is about PoW or PoS he says it is the investment that decides everything.  Also, expressed that no decentralized system can be completely free from attacks.

He concluded stating, TRON will be the economic necessity that you cannot live without in the world of cryptocurrency!


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