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Cardano’s CEO, Frederik Gregaard, Addresses Ideals And Longevity



It’s been recently revealed that Cardano’s CEO, Frederik Gregaard just spoke about all kinds of interesting things related to the blockchain, the Cardano project itself, and more.

Check out the latest post that the Cardano Foundation shared on Twitter.

Someone said: “It’s not all about the #money. Cardano is pursuing his ideals, and rightly so. It is also a way of thinking. Cardano will survive any setback. Buy $ADA #Cardano for the future. You don’t have to worry. And if you want to make money quickly, there are 1000s more.”

A commenter posted this: “Cardano Foundation should stop talk about themselves and how awesome they are and start deliver actual business impact. In simple – Actions speaks louder than words.”

Cardano addresses security and online safety

Cardano continues to highlight the importance of remaining safe online during these days when hackers are getting more and more specialized.

Now, IOHK released a new useful blog post about Cardano security tips and tricks to remain safe online:

In the original blog post, IOHK team explained that it’s important to be extra cautious while online these days.

We suggest that you check out the complete blog post in order to learn more details about online crypto safety.

Other than this, Cardano is making headlines due to various plans that the team has for the future and also all kinds of achievements.

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