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Cosmos (ATOM) Internet of Blockchains From Zero To Production



Cosmos Developers are working to bring Web3 to the mainstream.  Recently, bugs on the Cosmos Hub Test Net were fixed.  A New Gaia version is in place.  Further Cosmos Validators are getting ready to test stargate and ibc on the Cosmos Hub.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted: “Cosmos (ATOM) are expanding the tools for developers who are willing to develop their blockchains on the Cosmos Network. A network of crypto networks.”

Notably, the Cosmos ecosystem is nascent, but the smart contract environment within CosmWasm is Turing complete. Anything that is executable in Ethereum Network is possible here.  Ultimately, they are trying to knit the entire world of blockchain and cryptocurrency under one roof with time. Thus all cryptocurrency ecosystems will be able to scale well by interoperating with each other.  Something that works like nations interoperating with each other for mutual benefit.

It is possible to develop smart contracts from Zero through Production with due explanation in steps and code snippets and scripts.


Cosmos provides for an easy to use testing environment.  Those who are looking for a live network to test, the testnet, and the testnet section is a good first point to get started.

Cosmos (ATOM) Customization of Modules

CosmWasm a new smart contracting platform is up for the developers in the cosmos ecosystem.  Cosmos SDK is in Golang and it is based on certain design considerations to provide for customization of the modules.

The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) is important as it is important for programmers to expand across different programming languages. Thus, it gets important to make “internet of blockchains” possible.


It is only with Internet of Blockchains it will be possible to provide for a plethora of implementations and capabilities which are connected by the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC).

Anyone who is building a blockchain by using Cosmos SDK will be able to plug in CosmWasm smart contracting to support their chain.

For those who are not sure, CosmWasm, WASM – WebAssembly; and VMs – Virtual Machines in the Cosmos SDK.


The CosmWasm module provides for a mature build and test environment which comes along with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).  There are clear documentations to “Getting started with CosmWasm”

Developers need to have only a minimal knowledge of Golang and they can start building on the Cosmos SDK to integrate easily into the existing Cosmos Network. Thus, extending the existing chain or application to the Cosmos Chain with minimal overhead.

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