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Bitcoin (BTC) On a Wild Ride Rapid Vertical Growth

The success of Bitcoin (BTC) lies in that the master crypto has made several Bitcoin opponents like Dr. Doom “Nouriel Roubini” ultimately and openly admitting Bitcoin to be a store of value.

One of the cryptocurrency investors who is much into investing in BTC stated that just like vines and other climbers put their energy into rapid vertical growth, Bitcoin has scope of rapid vertical growth.

Jim Cramer, Founder of the Street stated, “It is not too late for Bitcoin as a great alternative to gold, which I have always believed in.”

Bitcoin is for those who are going to recognize the future to catch up with the wild ride of Bitcoin.

The one point that repeatedly keeps Bitcoin a winner is that with only 21m coins ever getting mined, it only becomes more valuable than ever with $ printed or $ increase in national debt.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Investors should understand their investments.  Many of never understood Bitcoin. Thus, they are reluctant to put their money in to Bitcoin. When people understand BTC better they will be willing to invest in BTC.”

The question of value and how to identify the value is one of the important issues in any market.

Sonnenshein, Grayscale Investments Managing Director expressed, “A lot of investors are really drilling into the fact that bitcoin is a verifiably scarce asset.” Also stated, “we’ve seen a material uptick in investor engagement around allocating to Bitcoin in the wake of the pandemic.”

Investors in BTC are looking at it as a strategic hedge in inflation. Whoever are trying to take their first steps in the world of cryptocurrency will only benefit from starting off with BTC.  Institutional investors are already attracted and this trend is here to stay.  There is no denying the crowing momentum for Bitcoin investment. It is possible to see even central banks prospecting and interrogating around cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin (BTC) Vs. Currency

For those who are not invested in BTC, they are doing a disservice to themselves if they are not looking at the price trends of Bitcoin halving – before and after.  They have to state that it is better than gold.

The goal of bitcoin is a payments network or store of value or currency that is limited in supply and can’t be controlled by any one entity. The opposite of what we know as currency today.

In Summary, Bitcoin simply is better money that is instantly verifiable in both authenticity and supply. Gold and fiat are neither of these things. If you could redesign money for today’s age, it would be crypto currency.

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