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Cardano Foundation: How To Set Up/Run A Stake Pool



Cardano Foundation dropped a useful post on social media for anyone interested in setting up or running a stake pool.

Check out the recent post on Twitter:

We suggest that if you are interested, you check out the complete post on the forum. 

Cardano Foundation also shared another exciting post regarding a new open job:


The original post reads: “As the PMO Lead at the Cardano Foundation, you are responsible for bringing cohesion and alignment to our Project Management function. You are the hub that connects excellent project management practices with communication and methodology processes.”


The notes continue and describe: “You will create a common set of principles, practices and templates for managing various organisational projects. You are in charge of setting the standards and training project managers on how projects are managed within the Foundation. Additionally, you keep abreast of project updates with our Cardano Partners to ensure interlinked and cross joint projects are seemingly executed, and follow-through processes are being met.”

Check out thecomplete notes if you are interested.

IOHK releases tips and tricks for online safety

Not too long ago,  IOHK released a new useful blog post about Cardano security tips and tricks to remain safe online:



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