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Billionaire Winklevoss Twins Are Not Bitcoin Maximalists – Here’s What They’re Tracking in the Altcoin Space

Gemini crypto exchange founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are establishing that they’re not Bitcoin maximalists after revealing a number of crypto assets that they currently hold.

In a SALT Talk, the Winklevoss twins outlined their perspective on which assets can stay abreast of Bitcoin in the future of digital finance.

Cameron Winklevoss says that while Bitcoin should remain the store of value leader, the twins still see value in other assets for different reasons.

“I think for the store of value piece of the puzzle, I think it’s Bitcoin’s to lose. There may be a silver to Bitcoin’s gold, but I don’t think there are generally multiple stores of value.

But we’re definitely not maximalists in the sense that we only believe and love Bitcoin. We hold a lot of Bitcoin. We want Bitcoin to work. We hope it works. We also hold Ether and other cryptocurrencies and we’re very bullish on Ethereum and the DeFi (decentralized finance) projects that have been built on top of Ethereum and much of what’s going on there. We’re long the space. Obviously, there are some projects that don’t have a lot of merit, but there are definitely a few that have already shown a tremendous amount of promise, Bitcoin being one of them, Ethereum being another, sort of like being the world’s digital computer. Ethereum or Ether the currency; think of it as digital oil that powers this supercomputer, where you can run applications and all kinds of cool programming.”

Cameron also mentioned Filecoin (FIL) as a new asset to look out for.

“Filecoin’s a new coin that just launched and it’s a decentralized data storage network, so think of Amazon S3 centralized storage bucket or Microsoft Azure. Filecoin is basically unbundling [and] decentralizing that, just like Ethereum is a decentralized operating system in the cloud and Bitcoin is obviously decentralized digital gold.”


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