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ChainLink (LINK) Making Creamy Markets Reliable With Accurate Data

The new Chainlink Builders Program creates many ways in which one can contribute to the ChainLink Network and earn developer badges for being an active member of our technical community. Also the badges can redeem badges for Chainlink swag, NFTs, exclusive access to events, and more.

Sergey Nazarov tweeted:  “Some of the key considerations for creating a secure and reliable oracle for DeFi and various smart contract use cases are data quality, origin proofs, data validation, crypto-economic guarantees and for more advanced use cases, data privacy.”

In the recent past Sergey also stated, the trading volume can rapidly shift and that good market coverage enables a global market price that is immune to manipulation of one or even a few exchanges. DeFis adaptability to shifts in volume across exchanges via an accurate global price is important.

Tokenized real estate protocol Elysia_HQ are integrating ChainLink to access data on foreign exchange rates and South Korean property valuations. Elysia are set to use this data to provide accurate in-app portfolio valuations & calculate token-holder dividends.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert opined:  “ChainLink (LINK) literally seems to be around everywhere not a single creamy market is spared. Set to Rule.”

Stacktical are a decentralized SLA protocol for hedging against staking infrastructure risks, has integrated ChainLink Price Feeds on mainnet to access validator uptime data, convert user stakes to stablecoins, & display price info in DSLA contracts.

Also, ChainLink Proof of Reserve provides the DeFi ecosystem with real-time visibility into off-chain reserves that are backing tokens on-chain, ensuring cross-chain tokens, fiat-backed stablecoins, & tokenized real-world assets are fully collateralized.

ChainLink (LINK) Integrations

DMMDAO are a decentralized money market backed by real-world assets integrating a ChainLink DMG/USD Price Feed to calculate how much DMG a user must lock up to acquire an NFT. Owners of NFTs have the right to introduce new assets into the DMM ecosystem.

ChainLink Recently provided a grant to Anyblock Tools to further simplify managing a Chainlink Node. The grant is set to provide a dashboard on key blockchain metrics, CSV export functions to track finances, and easy management of a node operator’s LINK fees.

ChainLink are committed to launching a secure and reliable oracle to accelerate DeFis development. Integrate the USDT/ETH decentralized Price Feed to launch markets for one of crypto’s most popular stablecoins, already used by Aave Aave and Bitrue Official.

Also, P2P lending and exchange platform Cream Dot Finance integrates ChainLink Price Feeds on the Ethereum mainnet as its primary oracle solution. Chainlink oracles are used to price assets across all Cream markets when issuing loans & checking collateralization.

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