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Siacoin (SC) Simple Decentralized Storage Hat in the Ring



Any token with a real use case has a reason to get up in the price ladder.  Several Altcoins projects are here trying to deal with the same kind of problems like others with a variant of already existing consensus algorithm.

Sia deals exclusively with cloud storage.  They believe that the cloud storage industry is in the hands of just a few and they are therefore doing what it takes to make it decentralized. With Sia, there is no need to deal with a centralized party and there is no need to sign up for anything either.  Being decentralized, the single point of failure is avoided.

The backup use case of Sia Coin is the cloud storage platform and the decentralized file storage ecosystem. Those who have unused drive space can rent out their space and they are to get rewarded with SC (Siacoin).

There is no free lunch and in the Siacoin, the participants are rewarded with incentives and this helps with the maintenance of the decentralized ecosystem. With increased utilization of the blockchain, Sia is able to improve the economics for the users and the hosts.  The data of the users is maintained with privacy as the sensitive information is not stored in a centralized data center.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “The data storage plans from Siacoin (SC) is far better than centralized data storage solutions like One Drive, Drop Box, or Google Drive.”

In cases of centralized data storage systems in cases there is a security breach there is a lot of stakes to lose, which SiaCoin (SC) tries to solve with the blockchain technology.”

Siacoin (SC) SiaTechHQ

CoolHD, one of the SiaTechHQ users expressed, “In the last years, I made a lot of websites. 70% of them are ceased. SiaTechHQ can change this – I just need to pin some files, pay some SC for hosts, and it will work.”

Sia have to state that they would like to put their hat in the ring.  Further recalling what started as “Sia: Simple Decentralized Storage” is now the foundation for Skynet, a free, open internet.

SiaTechHQ facilitates great storage space for passionate entrepreneurs who like to build a scalable and successful startup.  Needless to say, several users recognize Sia Tech HQ and Sky Net Hub as the most innovative hot-beds of activity in the entire blockchain space.

The next generation of crypto builders are more interested in building on community owned infrastructure, like Sia Tech HQ.

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