Ripple (XRP) Trolls Brad Garlinghouse Ideals of Clarity and Certainty

The last mile playbook to global payments is a good deal in terms of speed, transparency and liquidity which are important for efficient payment processing in the cross-border transactions industry. It is important to know that in many regions around the world, this is not happening and people simply to not have the luxury to have it.

Ripple have facilitated a simple guide to help organizing the same in order to build differentiated value propositions in 14 key markets, which also includes Mexico, Thailand, and Nigeria.

Users are downloading the playbook to know more about new opportunities to leverage the blockchain technology to grow business in the “country-by-country primer” in the domestic payment systems.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Many people in the Ripple (XRP) are waiting to see some real use case as they do not feel what is already being offered is not a real use case.”

When it comes to cryptocurrency adoption, the more aware and educated the people are about Crypto, the more it will be embraced by those who are skeptical.

There is no doubt that Ripple are showing that retail payments are able to improve upon the current tier of domestic banking with a real-time insight in to how the Blockchain interacts with consumers on a foundational basis. Thus, providing insights to analysis of individual economies.  They are also showing how payments are innovated. However, many in the community are not appreciative of the efforts, they are simply criticizing and are only acknowledge growth when the XRP price goes high.

Ripple (XRP) Likes Certainty and Clarity

It has been recently seen that major cryptocurrencies are enjoying a wild year of gains.  Recently Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple gave his take on what regulatory clarity will mean and also about IPO timing.

It just looks like Brad Garlinghouse heard the community making fun of his repeat reinstatement on the word “clarity” and “certainty.”

He tweeted:  “Someone is going to create a drinking game for every time I say “clarity” and “certainty” from now on. Looking forward to 2021 as more companies hold crypto on their balance sheets (asset diversification is key here!”

In reality clarity and certainty are very strong words and it has a strong impact when executed real time. Brad knows his best and that is why he keeps reinstating.

The Ripple Community are however beginning to make fun of the word clarity and utility as Brad Garlinghouse has been using the same phrase over and over again. Some of them felt that he should use a new word to make things interesting.  They feel he has to do it even if there is not anything new.

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