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Vechain (VET) Bringing More Safety in the Supply Chain

Vechain has been successfully tapping in to the potential of the transformation facilitated by the pandemic.  The community are able to see that VeChain are literally connecting the entire supply chain of the world.  They are creating real added value for all.

There are investors who are looking to tap in to the potential of the short-term price spikes and there are others who are believing in the process of long-term adoption.

The US Seafood market is undergoing a food safety transformation; however, they have been facing problems with mislabeling of imported seafood products and also they are not sure of the kind of preparation process taking place.

The FDA have provided guidelines for customers asking them to acquire safe food and as a part of doing that has required them to label the containing information about details ranging from harvest, processing and certification.

The pandemic has shifted the consumer behavior towards their own Kitchen.  And, this has led the seafood to be the fastest growing supermarket category.  The sales of sea food in the super markets has improved during the pandemic and there is an increased demand for sea food that is reliably sourced.

“Vechain ToolChain” is the chosen tool used by “KnowSeaFood” to improve the strategy of connecting farmers directly with consumers by making use of blockchain technology.

Reportedly, “VeChain ToolChain™, which allows blockchain technology to be deployed with the fastest lead time compared with any other platform in the industry.”

Commenting on this Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Vechain (VET) knew very well that the need to streamline the connection between the food producer and consumer will never end and they rightly tapped in to the potential.”

The local seafood farmers can easily upload harvesting, processing and shipping information on to the VeChainThor Blockchain.  This tool chain helps validate the product origin and trace the logistics of delivery.   When blockchain is used it is possible to bridge the knowledge gap between the trade and the stakeholders. VeChain (VET) is bringing more safety in the supply chain.

Vechain (VET) Helping Product Speaking For Itself

It just looks like the VeChain (VET) are making it possible for brands to be able to make their products speak for itself.  They are helping to make the food supply chains safer and more transparent. VeChain are already well-established as the solution to improve global food safety.

The suite of services permitted at Vechain Foundation is expanding to several new sectors like health care and therefore beyond just the Food supply chains.

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