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Zilliqa Has Big Plans for 2021 ZIL Going Places

Many of them joined crypto because they believed that it could do for the economic system what the early internet did.  It just looks that that is about to getting real.

Zilliqa retweeted:  “What happens when legit stablecoins start emerging in different currencies around the world? DeFi-based instant FX. 2021 will be the year that FX starts to move crypto native.”

Jeremy Allaire opined that during the next 4 years, it’s the time for decisive action on embracing public blockchains and crypto as the future of our economy. Also that the rise of crypto has brought policy and regulatory issues to the forefront and are going to become massively important very quickly. The departing administration and the incoming Democratic forces are both eager to leave their mark.

Also, the Zilliqa community are excited about having had an opportunity to be able to win a digital pass to sgfintechfest worth 75 SGD.

The event will be accessible for 24 hours a day from December 7, 2020 through December 11, 2020.  The users will be able to hear conferences, visit talent hubs, and innovation workshops.

Those who have got the opportunity are excited and they have to state that this is an opportunity to surge ahead and build something remarkable to bring adoption.

Zilliqa tweeted:  “Talking about Day 1, at the Singapore Blockchain Village, The Zilliqa building welcomes one and all – Fintech leaders, developers, startups looking to build on blockchain, crypto enthusiasts, and media – please stop by and say hello.”

Zilliqa Going Places

Lunar Crush Social Listening for Cryptocurrencies stated, “Zilliqa 6-Month activity: Price $0.033412 +57.11% 653,953 social mentions +118.07% 502,817,071 social engagements +80.69% 1,114 average daily social contributors +167.79%”

Colin JG Miles tweeted:  “It was great to share @Zilliqa’s big plans for 2021 with @davidgokhshtein & @Rossmacdonald1 as well as @VergeCanada over coffee/wine this morning/evening. Just to confirm, we mentioned our approach to building key digital assets – namely zBTC, zETH & zBUSD for the 1st time!”

Reinhardt Jobse expressed that Colin JG Miles from Zilliqa was live. Encouraged users to watch the podcast. He pointed to how the ZIL is ready to go places.

Regarding this, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Zilliqa project is progressing in a professional manner with a clear direction and attention to detail.”

The community is beyond excited for the future.  They are eagerly waiting for the Zil ETH bridge to be launched as the progress is very much tangible.

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