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TRON (TRX) Now Ambitious about Link the Future

The TRON Blockchain height has exceeded 25.54 million.  BitTorrent has reached a partnership with Huawei.  The total circulation of the TRON-USDT has crossed $6.1B.

“Link the Future” virtual conference will be addressed first by Justin Sun, TRON founder and BitTorrent CEO.  Justin will address the opening remarks, recap the 2020 TRONs accomplishments and share the blueprint for 2021.

Edward Lee, VP of Poloniex and BD; Xinxin An, CEO of Jinse Finance; Nico Lee, CEO of ChainDD; Eric Chen, BTFS; Justin Knoll, Head of BitTorrent Product & Engineering; Charles Wayn, CEO of Official DLive; GoAliciaK, Senior Partner of Kucoincom; Kevin Hsu, Founding Partner of Block VC Fund; David, Managing Partner of DFund; Eraser, Partner of SevenX Ventures; and Tracy, CN Business Director of CoinTelegraph and several other speakers will be participating in the event.  The list is extending.

Transaction costs is an important attribute of any financial system. TRON has been able to facilitated low cost transactions for its users. TRON fans have to state that Tron is bigger than some cry babies on Twitter trying to put Tron down.

Maheen Hernandez , writer at The Currency Analytics Opined:  “For those who know how to get around the game, TRON (TRX) is going great in DeFi projects. I think it is not for the faint hearted either.”

In the past week Justin Sun announced the launch of wrapped Ethereum on the Tron Network.  The token has a ticker name of ETHTRON.  Of note, the Wrapped Ethereum injects ETH’s value on the Tron network.  Also, it is available on Poloniex and it is redeemable on a 1:1 ratio with actual Ethereum.

Poloniex is the first to support ETH on TRON.  For those who do not know, ETHTRON is a TRC20 token that is based on TRON.  It injects the Ethereum’s value to the TRON network. The reliability of this TRC20 token lies in that it is reliable and efficient. It is also easy to convert Ethereum into TRC20 assets with guaranteed acceptance.

TRON (TRX) Staying the Course

No matter what happens TRON stay in the course.  They are very ambitious.  And, they have a decentralized and powerful infrastructure. It is true that some of the users are not able to cope with the too may swaps and activities happening in TRX, but there are several investors who keep holding on to what they do.  They are optimistic about its future.

Justin Sun went from having ETH as a competitor for Tron and he also pointed to how Fortune 500 companies like YouTube, Google, and Facebook are also their competitors. Ambitious!

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