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IOTA All Set to Master Mind Machine Economy with DLT

IOTA have expressed that they are looking for a Technical Analyst and Project Lead to be able to work closely with the head of mobility and automotive to expand their footprint in the industry and to implement projects with their partners.  The position is remote and home-based for those with strong English Language skills.

The position calls for some travel and frequent communication with other team members. IOTA is in to a lot of things ranging from projects related to smart cities leading to upgrade to critical infrastructure in smart cities.

In a recent podcast, Dominik Schiener, shared his story with DLT and further explains his vision to standardize IOTA as a backbone of the Machine Economy. Lot of AI models and Algorithms are making data aggregation to get the work together in motion.

IOTA and Climate Change

IOTA have a strong belief in the positive impact of the IoT technologies.  These technologies have been playing a great role in helping solve problems, which feel like right now and right here.

ClimateCHECK are a leading international provider of climate and cleantech services and solutions.  They have recently announced a partnership with IOTA.

IOTA Foundation and ClimateCHECK are collaborating to democratize access to climate technologies to build multi stakeholder ecosystems.  They are working on concepts to come up with open and transparent processes for environment accounting.

High assurance systems consist of costly and time consuming certification processes to provide for clean and sustainable activities in terms of climate change, carbon credits, and further incentives to invest in sustainable activities.  This in turn is important to come up with appropriate economies to put concepts in and infrastructure for sustainability in place.

The costs of certification of being green are prohibitive in most of the developing economies.  Making all of these processes sustainable is crucial to provide for sustainability.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “IOTA are exploring projects that will put blockchain and IOT in to use for real time world usage.  Ranging from irrigation through climate change they are everywhere.”

IOTA according to the community is the greenest crypto they ever know.  They are about innovation at the best literally making the world to be the best place to live in.

IOTA Antithesis to BTC

IOTA supporters are very sure that IOTA is the antithesis to BTC.  This technology is the reason why the community is supporting IOTA for 100% over other protocols.

With the climate and regulation around cryptocurrency heating up, several initiatives like ClimateCHECK will put iota in a very good position.

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