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DASH Cryptocurrency Bids Good Bye to High Fees and Long Confirmation Times

There is a trading competition happening where participants trade DASH/USDT pair in order to get rewarded.  The competition will be running until December 22, 2020. Many users are dashing in to claim their share.

Dash are doing all it takes to say bye to cryptographic addresses and users are happy to make use of usernames.  The settlement is instant.  The fees is in sub-cents and it is re-spendable instantly. Dash believes that social spending is the future.  They know that users do not like high fees and long confirmation times.

For those who have been following Dash activities well know that Dash has a solid record of being one of the very innovative projects in the space.  They are actively working to launch the world’s first decentralized API and blockchain usernames on testnet. This is the fruit of 5 years of development. Therefore, it is not one to be underestimated.

The users have to state that master nodes are not just about staking coins for rewards. The main purpose of master nodes is to add a second-tier decentralized network of 1000s of powerful servers that have enabled numerous network enhancements and governance. Essentially Dash is a supercharged fork of Bitcoin.

Dash Cryptocurrency Futures

When trying to explain to what Dash can do, the users have to state that social networks changed the way we communicate. The internet changed the way we make payments. Blockchain revolutionized trustless ownership of money.  When all of these are put together, this leads to the world of social payments.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “I see there is a lot of buzz happening around the Dash Futures.  Thus users are able to control more of the tokens in the cryptocurrency space.”

Buying DASH futures permits traders to be able to control more of the Dash tokens by making use of leverage (10x to 50x not uncommon).  Also, selling the DASH futures permits traders to profit from a fall in DASH price.

It is important to know that the Dash futures contracts which are traded on most of the cryptocurrency exchanges today do not have an expiry dates. They are known as Dash perpetual futures or Dash perpetual swaps.

Those who buy Dash futures are those who are willing to profit from the rise in the price of Dash and this trading strategy is also known as opening a Long Dash Futures position.

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