Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Addresses The Importance Of Trustworthy Institutions And Dangers Of Rapid Tech Innovation

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson filmed a video about some pretty exciting subjects. He’s addressing the dangers of rapid innovations in technology, the importance of trustworthy institutions and more.

Check out the following tweet:

Someone said: “The problem: too many people have self-serving interests (not just elites either) if it serves their interest to destroy public confidence in institutions, that’s what they do. Case and point, the President. He’ll destroy any public confidence if he can use it to his advantage.’

Another follower posted this message: “As usual, there’s no basis for rejection of the null hypothesis. Suppose I tell you that there isn’t a secret elite plan to gain power. Would “lack of re-opening metrics” force us to reject my assumption?”

Someone else posted this: “Too many today, afflicted with a fallacy of insignificance, look outward in search of meaning and guidance to live by. They attempt to embed themselves into a social structure, in the belief that alone and without support, they are unworthy and their lives meaningless. -Emerson.”

We suggest that you check out the video above and see more interesting comments on Twitter.

Cardano in the news
Earlier today, it’s been revealed that IOHK just dropped an exciting announcement about the new version of Daedalus. Check out the tweet below.

The team behind the project continued and said: “Combining full-node properties + hardware wallet support for the most secure #Cardano wallet ever.”

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