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ChainLink (LINK) Facilitating All it takes for Good Market Coverage in Blockchain Space

Prosper recently completed their successful mainnet integration with Chainlink for their market’s leading decentralized oracle network. Prosper are set to use the oracle price feeds on both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.  This they have done to provide for the most decentralized and liquid prediction.

ChainLink Tweeted:  “Decentralized prediction market protocol Prosperpredict is using ChainLink Price Feeds on the Binance Smart Chain mainnet to settle BNB prediction markets. Chainlink oracles ensure fair market outcomes that are resistant to data manipulation and downtime.”

Prosper will soon be expanding their predication pools for ETH, BTC, TRX, LINK, and AVA.

Commenting on ChainLink Oracle, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “ChainLink (LINK) want to be the deciding factor for the sentiments that move the trend lines and so they are in to price feeds.  Setting the precedents for fair price.”

Intelligent investors in Defi who have their eyes wide open will want to work with those who have a way to prove their accuracy.  They will obviously prefer working with those clients who are backed by ChainLink Oracle data.

ChainLink are regularly launching their price feeds to provide support for DeFi products from both new and existing products.

The ChainLink developer documentation for those who are looking to getting started to build universally connected smart contracts helps them to easily get to know how to connect the Dapp to secure price feeds, any data API, and to ultimately provide for verifiable source of randomness.

ChainLink (LINK) for Blockchain Legacy

ChainLink have recently shared the details of a new paper, which they have co-authored with WEF to explore the importance of decentralized oracles to connect the existing systems to blockchains. Thus, clarifying how ChainLink are providing a universal gateway for the enterprises to be able to easily adopt to smart contracts.  They have done a great job in terms of bridging the gap in governance. Thus, catering to interoperability in blockchain legacy.

Financial contracts should be trustable.  To develop trust it is important to ensure that tamper-proof smart contracts are reinvented to deal with evolving tampering skills from bad actors. It takes dedications and beyond to make it happen and there is no doubt that ChainLink are doing it from day one of their existence.

Sergey Nazarov expressed:  “Because trading volume can rapidly shift, good market coverage enables a global market price that is immune to manipulation of one or even a few exchanges. DeFi’s adaptability to shifts in volume across exchanges via an accurate global price is important.”

The enthusiasm and passion set by Sergey is contagious and they are sure fire dedicated to ensuring accuracy and therefore reliability in every stage of development.

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