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Buy Bitcoin, Robert Kiyosaki urges

  • Popular author urges his Twitter followers to buy Bitcoin
  • Says he is happy to have invested in the crypto asset

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the popular financial masterpiece “Rich Dad Poor Dad” urged his followers on Twitter to buy Bitcoin, after expressing that he was happy to have bought the crypto asset.

The author went on to predict that the value of Bitcoin could jump to as high as $50,000 due to the recent growth in adoption rate by institutions.

Kiyosaki added that buying Bitcoin now that its price is below $20,000 would be a very good idea for investors especially when they consider that the American economy is teetering on the edge.

Robert Kiyosaki also advised his followers to buy Silver if they cannot buy Bitcoin. He believes the value of Silver would be greatly aided by the Green New Deal of AOC.

Then he added that the future appears bright for entrepreneurs, and assets like gold, silver and Bitcoin.

Institutional Investors buy Bitcoin to diversify assets
Institutional investors like Microstrategy, Square have kept buying Bitcoin in recent times. These firms believe that the crypto asset is a viable investment tool that will help strengthen their investments portfolio.

We recently reported that Mutual Life Insurance company bought Bitcoin worth $100 million from its general investment fund. The firm had said that its purchase of the asset was its attempt at trying to take advantage of what could be beneficial to the company.

Micheal Saylor, the CEO of Microstrategy, had also said its firm would continue to invest in the crypto industry because of their belief in the potential of the industry.

Bitcoin now trading for over $19,000 again
After the recent drop in the price of Bitcoin in recent weeks, the coin has rebounded and is currently trading for over $19,000 again.

As it stands, with only a few hours before the end of the weekly close, Bitcoin could be able to close the week well over $19000 for the first time. This could lead to the asset retesting the resistance levels at $19500.

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