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Crypto Investors Trigger Flurry of Massive Bitcoin and XRP Transactions

ansactions as the broader crypto market continues to consolidate.

In all, a total of 22,860 BTC worth $419.4 million was transferred in the last 36 hours or so. The largest transaction during the timeframe involves moving 11,723 BTC worth $216.2 million from one wallet of unknown origin to another.

In another transaction, a whale transferred 3,000 BTC worth $55 million from an unknown wallet to web-based Bitcoin wallet Xapo.

In a separate transaction, a big-time Bitcoin holder relocated 2,500 BTC worth $45.2 million from a wallet of unknown origin to crypto exchange Bitfinex. Here’s the summary of other recent BTC transactions:

Meanwhile, whales of Ripple’s native asset are also making their presence felt after moving over 821 million XRP worth $435 million in the same time period. The largest transaction witnessed the relocation of 246.85 million XRP worth $134.5 million between two unknown wallets.

In another transaction, a high-stakes crypto holder shifted 70 million XRP worth $36.3 million between two wallets of unknown origins.

In a different transaction, a whale moved 59.69 million XRP worth $32.9 million from an unknown wallet to crypto exchange Here’s the summary of all other XRP transactions within the last day and a half: 

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