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Dash Attracting Cryptocurrency Users by its Re-Spendability

The Dash Investment Foundation have recently launched a blog.  They have published their Q3 2020 report there.

The report states that during September, the DIF BoS met four times.  They have discussed a few topics and have published the conclusion of the discussion as well.

They have discussed several questions like should the DIF run the master nodes? About setting goals and a range of other opportunities were explored.

Mark Mason, DashPay Media Relations and Pressroom Manager, stated that theywill have a wallet with decentralized blockchain usernames with a Venmo, PayPal seamless and pleasant user experience that enables users to deposit FDIC protected USD earning DASH 10% APY + block-rewards to spend or save with instant settlement and instant re-spend ability.

Dash have to state that they have been modelled after the original Bitcoin.  They have completed the research which permits them to keep the fee low despite the significant network traffic.  They are diverting their mining rewards to provide for the powerful nodes in the network.  They are looking to provide for a more user centric experience to provide native apps.

They are proud of Dash DAO which they claim is the oldest operating Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Therefore, as an organization they will be making their decisions in a decentralized way.  Decisions are about payouts which will be used to move ahead with the DAOs decision. DAO are currently funding Dash Core Group, Dash Platform Incubator, Dash Newsroom, Dash Mall and Parking, and Dash Nigeria.

They have to state that there are challenges when they interact with traditional businesses.  The growth of the network is made possible by the Dash Investment Foundation which caters to making possible the legal and financial arrangements between the traditional businesses and Dash DAO.

The Dash Investment Foundation is a legal entity. Therefore, it can execute contracts and participate in court events.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan the crypto expert tweeted:  “Dash cryptocurrency ecosystem is already well structured and they are all about making some decent profits offering services through exchanges, merchants, and point-of-sale solutions.”

DASH To Hit Testnet

The community are eagerly waiting to see Dash Platform hit the Testnet this month and developers have already shared their thoughts on its “huge potential.”

Dash are facilitating a new paradigm for blockchain programming.  To understand the paradigm users should spend some time.  The community are eagerly waiting to see advanced functions to get added for Dapp developers.  Things are also likely going to go nuts.

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