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IOTA Announces Launch of Chrysalis Testnet



The public version of the Chrysalis testnet is going to be launched tomorrow.

In its latest tweet, the IOTA Foundation has announced that the launch of the Chrysalis testnet is going to take place on Dec. 14.

The team of developers has been so far experimenting with Chrysalis within the comfort of a private testnet that denies entry to arbitrary users.

In a blog post published earlier this week Jakub Cech, Director of Engineering at IOTA, mentioned that they were fine-tuning all the “bits and pieces” that were needed to make the testnet go public.

IOTA’s biggest upgrade to date

Chrysalis is the term that is used to define a series of “most promising” upgrades that are going to make the network enterprise-ready before the eventual launch of the IOTA 2.0 mainnet (a.k.a. Coordicide).

This intermediary step is expected to make the transition to Coordicide much smoother while boosting IOTA’s scalability and adding new features.

The rollout of Chrysalis is taking place in two stages. Following the release of Chrysalis Phase 1, the network’s throughput increased to 1,500 TPS.

During his October AMA with CoinMarketCap, IOTA co-founder David Sonstebo refrained to specify how fast the transaction speed would be for the next iterations of the project, but he mentioned that it would “definitely” go up.


Sonstebo gets kicked out from the IOTA Foundation

The forthcoming launch of the public testnet comes amid internal strife within the IOTA Foundation.

On Dec. 10, it was announced that it had parted ways with Sonstebo:

The decision to part ways, while difficult, had to be made. There were several instances where David’s actions were not aligned with what the Foundation stands for and who we aspire to be.

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