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EOS Announces EOSIO 2.1 Release Candidate


on has announced an EOSIO 2.1. Release Candidate and has shared some of its features with U.Today has exclusively shared with U.Today data about its EOSIO 2.1 Release Candidate planned for release tomorrow.

EOSIO 2.1 Release Candidate will have certain features: Key Value Tables, Action Return Values, RocksDB Storage for DB and Key Value APIs, Nodeos Clustering Solution, Instrumental Support for Nodeos and more.

Together, they will optimize the storage of blockchain data, make table management simpler and ensure that DLT system administrators can remove context-free data without compromising the functionality of the system.

Apart from that, the Release Candidate will address certain issues that faced while creating the Voice app.

A Release Candidate for EOSIO 2.1 constitutes a joint effort of the EOSIO community, allowing to view various contributions and collect feedback from the community.

The contributions from the community allow EOSIO to remain a reliable blockchain platform with high scalability and performance.

The team continues to enhance the opportunities EOSIO provides to developers and financial institutions. The goal of EOSIO remains the same: to maintain its DLT protocol to help open networks and private companies grow.

The new release candidate is to simplify dapp creation on EOSIO and to operate and maintain them as soon as they are created and launched. The team is also committed to making the platform attractive and easy to use for a wider audience.

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