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Cardano Foundation Shares New Brand Guidelines



A few days ago, we were revealing that the Cardano Foundation released a new video about Project Renovare.

You can check it out below.

Just in case you don’t know, Project Renovare is a massive refresh for the Cardano and its Foundation.


Cardano brand animation

Below, you can also check out the video that the team behind the project dropped on their YouTube channel:


The team wrote the following in their description of the video on YouTube: “We are pleased to reveal the official Cardano brand animation video, providing a comprehensive overview of our new visual identity and the inspiration behind it.”

Also, Cardano mentioned that “Part of Project Renovare, our brand reappraisal exercise was inspired by both natural and manmade elements, building on the existing foundations of our strong visual identity.”

The notes continue and reveal that “Through our collaboration with award-winning creative design agency McCann Dublin, our brand reappraisal was nominated in the prestigious ICAD Awards 2020—a highly coveted design award in the Republic of Ireland.”

The video basically revealed how the Cardano’s ecosystem’s identity and the stakeholder outreach would continue its evolution in 2021 and beyond as well.

You can check out more interesting details in the official notes that the team dropped in their blog post.

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