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Cardano Foundation Shows Gratitude To Philippe Pierre-Antoine And Rick McCracken For Their Contribution To The Ecosystem

The Cardano Foundation is showing massive gratitude to  Philippe Pierre-Antoine and Rick McCracken for their contribution to the Cardano ecosystem.

Check out their recent tweet that the team shared:

The official blog post notes that “The Cardano Effect podcast takes high-level developer and project information related to Cardano, and breaks it down into bite size pieces of consumable information for everyday users. Its original vision was to deliver unbiased news and drive discussion around Cardano, which it has delivered through hours of original content over the last two years.”

According to the same post, “Philippe and Rick announced on 12 December that their year’s end recap, the 116th episode of TCE, would be their last. Here, we are going to take a brief look at the journey TCE took from its early days in 2018, to its finale at the end of 2020.”

Charles Hoskinson revealed Goguen update

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson just dropped an exciting announcement ahead of the holidays for his Twitter followers.

Check out his tweet below:

Someone said: “I wish you guys published short press-release like articles with these updates. Wanted to take a look, but I can’t really be watching a video right now. Sometimes, simpler is a lot better.”

Other than this, Cardano has been making a lot of headlines these days due to all kinds of achievements that the team behind the project marked and also thanks to the Foundation’s bold plans for the future of the project.

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