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Ripple (XRP) Exploring the Future of CBDCs in Cross Border Payments

Interoperability is the key to uncovering the future of CBDCs.  Central bank digital currency (CBDC) is the digital form of fiat money.  This inspiration has come from the Bitcoin concept.  However, CBDC is very different from cryptocurrency and virtual currency.  CBDCs are not issued by the government and they do not have the legal tender status declared by the government.

CBDCs is at the state of proof of concept and it is not in real time execution.  Several Central Banks are studying this concept.  China’s central bank is in the forefront of “DC/EP”: Digital Currency/Electronic Payments. Lot of countries like Sweden on e-Krona; Uruguay for Uruguayan Pesos; and similarly lot of pilot CDBC programs are in existence.

Ripple Inisghts have to state that CBDCs are bridging the gap in innovation in the global financial infrastructure.  The gap will undoubtedly be fixed by the interoperability facilitated by the blockchain space.

CBDCs are an approach by the Central Banks to continue their sovereignty in the digital asset world providing for the good of the people from across the world.

The future of CBDCs and their influence in cross border payments have been recently studied by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI).

Commenting on CBDCs, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Whether we like it or not we need to work together to create a financial infrastructure that will connect the world. Ripple (XRP) are working on that in their recent research programs about CBDCs.”

Ripple Exploring Support for CBDCs

Central Banks should improve the efficiency of their payment process, whether it is for transactions between individuals or between companies.  It is low-cost for real-time payment that will make the difference.

Financial infrastructure is about contributing to the welfare of the businesses and families which make the world going around.  A game change is surely on the dice in the global market.

A global financial infrastructure that runs smoothly without friction is not possible without working with regulators and central banks to implement in real time life.  Ripple are doing just that.

Introducing a new recruit, Brad Garlinghouse tweeted:  “Thrilled to have Sandie join our Board – with her years of expertise in regulatory affairs, treasury and financial services, she’ll be invaluable in helping guide Ripple through our next phase of growth.”

Interoperable protocols that can be used in support of CBDCs is the current interest. To get the work going it is important to coordinate all of these entities and Ripple are working towards it.

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