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Charlie Lee shares his Secrets about Litecoin (LTC) Privacy with Tor Blair

How and why privacy is coming to Litecoin? Charlie Lee shared the secrets that he learned for over a decade to build cryptocurrency.  He also shared his best and worse time decisions when he shared his secrets with Tor Blair.

Tor Blair expressed that Litecoin is the digital Silver to Bitcoin being the Digital Gold.  He also pointed to how Charlie Lee has been in this space for a very long time in the cryptocurrency space.  He also pointed to Charlie’s association with Google, Coinbase, MIT graduation and about how Lee was very smart and humble.

They got to discuss something very relevant as to how Litecoin is working on the privacy process in particular. And, on how they are implementing Mimble Wimble on the Protocol Mweb.

The Bitcoin Narrative was discussed in the process and the HODL mentality were explored. Charlie Lee pointed to how everything was priced against Bitcoin and how it was fair.  He opined that only a few currencies will kind of compete for the money space. He stated that he believed that Bitcoin and Litecoin are the two currencies that compete for money space.  He also stated that there won’t be like thousands of currencies where everyone will be storing their values as money.

He also stated that there will be coins that will be useful for things, possible some utility.  However, you won’t be storing your wealth and he felt that is fine. And, it is okay for investors to play around a few coins before they decide which currency they want to store their money in.

He also pointed to how some coins are useful for charity and on how one will not be storing them.

Commenting on the ease of using Litecoin, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert opined:  “It is now made possible to convert Litecoin (LTC) in to dollars in just a few minutes and all happening in just a few minutes with Litecoin Card.”

Litecoin on Coins Winning With Utility

Tor Blair pointed to how some coins were successful by providing for some utility at a technical level.  He also pointed to how not all cryptocurrency are not trying to be money and trying to be a store of value.   

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Those who like to know more should listen to the entire podcast. Worth knowing stuff from Charlie.

They discussed a lot about HODL and pointing to how historically with Bitcoin they were not supposed to try to time the market, they need to simply cost average by becoming a long term holder and now investors are buying in to the alternative forms of money which seems to be much more grounded with the context of the digital first future.

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