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IOTA Foundation partners with Blackpin and PlanB to build B2B messenger

  • Blackpin will build a B2B messaging platform based on IOTA Tangle to facilitate business in Europe.
  • Companies using the IOTA-based messaging platform will be able to modify it and have full control.

The IOTA Foundation has announced a partnership with Blackpin and PlanB to build a business-to-business (B2B) messaging platform. The project is in its pilot phase and will have a special focus on the European market.

The messaging platform developed by Blackpin will be a secure way to share and exchange information, create contracts, send invoices, and store relevant information for audits. The IOTA Tangle will be the network that provides immutability and security to the platform. In this way, Blackpin seeks to reduce friction and costs for the interested parties.

The IOTA ecosystem offers features such as digital identity, smart contracts, digital asset management, and micro-payments that, according to Blackpin, meet all their requirements. The company selected IOTA as their underlying technology because of its ability to mitigate exposure to cryptocurrency management and blockchain technology.

IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener stated that IOTA is the right choice for the project as it is an innovative and open-source solution. Schiener added:

We see Blackpin as the perfect front-end to enable millions of users to access our technology. That’s why we want to take on this challenge together as partners to build a solution for agile working of the future – independent of place and time, in a digital world of tomorrow.

How the IOTA based messenger differs from Signal and WhatsApp

The messaging platform can be altered according to the needs of the companies that use it. Contacts will be added manually and may be added to specific departments. Thus, participants can quickly address the entity with the skills they require, reducing friction in communications. Sandra Jörg, CEO of Blackpin, had the following to say about the cooperation:

We are therefore all the more pleased that we were able to win two such strong partners for this project. With Tobias Schmailzl as the new CTO at Blackpin, we have a very experienced and visionary expert on board, so we are perfectly positioned to make our vision a reality together. We are very much looking forward to future cooperation.

In addition, companies will have full control over who can participate in communications, without having to give information about their customers or their business, according to the GDPR/DSGVO compliance model chosen by the partners and provided by the IOTA network. PlanB CTO Tobias Schmailzl clarified that all information will be encrypted end-to-end, the platform will only generate keys to read the necessary messages. Companies will be able to “bring their own keys”. Head of Partnerships for the IOTA Foundation Holger Köther added:

Data integration and collaboration are two of Blackpin’s key features to bring together multiple players in a value chain, who can work and transact together in an agile way which fits their business best. Blackpin thus enables new types of business models and collaborations, legally compliant documentation and accurate accounting between a wide range of parties, based on IOTA’s secure and open source technology.


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