TRON (TRX) Justin Sun and When Moon Hokus Pokus

The “When Moon Hokus Pokus” is always live and brimming in the TRON Ecosystem.  Anything from Justin Sun looked like a clown in the colony to some, and others were not sure if he meant what he said, and yet others took what he said seriously.

No matter who says what, Justin Sun is a serious marketer and he markets every day. Whether it is about talking to the people about the differences between the cold wallet and hot wallet or talking about a Protocol going live, there is not a single day going past the community without a message from Justin Sun.

Recently Justin Sun tweeted:  “$TUSD coming to TRON! World’s first fully collateralized #stablecoin will be coming soon to #TRON!”

The TRX holders are wondering if the coming of the TRX will bring something for them.

Jusin Sun recently recollected how TRON and Poloniex created a strategic partnership.  During the DeFi boom, TRON and Poloniex jointly listed JST and bought users a return of 12.8 times.  He also pointed to how Poloniex offers 8 assets for futures trading, including TRX, BTC, ETH, UNI and more.

Similarly, In February 2020, the decentralized social platform Steemit entered in to a strategic partnership with TRON Foundation. By virtue of this partnership, it was possible for Steemit users to be able to earn TRX on the top of their original STEEM rewards.

Commenting on STEEMit some of them feel it is a hostile takeover.

Commenting on TRON, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “TRON (TRX) has a promotion every week.  Those who trust, those who hate, those who are not sure keep looking forward towards the promotions each time.”

However, some of the users feel that TRON Foundation are diluting value by bringing in new and useless coins each time.  Some of them feel that the price is at the bottom and that the people are trying to jump off the ship.

TRON (TRX) Believer and Non-Believers

There are believers and non-believers for TRON.  The show is always bubbly and alive.  It is action packed whether onlookers like the action or not.

TRON was listed on Samsung Galaxy Store in May 2020, meaning users in the US, Canada, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, Singapore and some European countries can check out TRON-based DApps directly in the Galaxy Store of Samsung smart phones.

It is Justin Sun all over the TRON Ecosystem.  Anything about TRX or TRON Foundation, Justin Sun is just around the corner.