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Whales Shift Whopping $515 Million In Bitcoin in Past Ten Hours

$515,160,546 worth of Bitcoin has been wired by anonymous crypto whales over the past ten hours with Xapo wallet involved

Popular tracking service Whale Alert has spotted an eye-popping amount of Bitcoin transferred over the past ten hours – 22,529 BTC.

$515,160,546 in Bitcoin shifted just like that

Whale Alert has reported two massive transactions with less than an hour between each other. These transfers carried a cumulative of 22,529 Bitcoin or $515.1 million in fiat USD.

The first transaction was made by an anonymous crypto whale and sent to the 3Nv6sFYgfR3H9Q89xwBmnoNpqyR9GfB25K wallet.

The next transaction carried this money further from that address – to the Xapo cryptocurrency custodial company, according to the crypto tracker.


Image via Twitter 

Bitcoin exchange outflow hits 16-month high

For the past two days, the flagship cryptocurrency has been trading in the range around the $23,000 level, going slightly lower or above it, with the highest peak reached so far being $23,586, as per CoinMarketCap.

Glassnode analytics provider has reported that the amount of Bitcoin withdrawn from crypto exchanges has spiked to reach a new high over the past sixteen months (1-day MA).

Now, the amount of Bitcoin exchange outflow totals $80,653,491.03.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $23,006, according to the chart from CoinMarketCap.


Image via CoinMarketCap


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