Dash (DASH) on Social Payments Being the Future

Dash Core v0.17.0.0 RC2 is now available for TESTNET.  Of note, this is a release candidate and it is not meant for testnet deployments.  Of note, RC1 were scrubbed due to change that were required to build the system after it was tagged.

Mark Mason, Media Relations & Press Room Manager expressed that Year 2020 was the year of social distancing and that 2021 will be the year of social payments.  Dash have already positioned itself as a Digital Cash to use for everyday payments.  He also stated that social payments are the future.

Bitcoin is paving the way to increase crypto acceptance and adoption as Digital Gold. Also, Dash has positioned itself as Digital Cash to be used for everyday payments.

Commenting on Dash, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert twitted  “I see Dash are making everyday payments easier, a real pro people approach without which competing in the cryptocurrency space can be hard.”

Dash Paying Friends and Family

Dash was launched in 2014 as the most scalable version of Bitcoin, but even with scaling advancements early Dash users realized that basic blockchain technology isn’t suitable for the kinds of payment and applications that everyone use.  Paying friends and family by username or getting rewarded for shopping with our favorite merchants or having global login credentials that allow us to easily create new accounts all across the web.

The Dash Network realized then that in order to become the best payment option, it needed to be more than just a scalable blockchain.  It needed to be compatible with web technologies that users and developers are already familiar with.

In short, it needed to become a cloud. So, with that goal in mind the Dash Network announced in late 2015 that it would undergo an evolution.  Fast forward to today and the Dash Network is preparing to deploy, the largest and final installment of that evolution.

It is called Dash Platform.  Dash Platform is made up of four components, which together will make DASH the first peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that functions like a cloud service.  This means that it will be the world’s first decentralized HTTP API.

Blockchain verified storage of user data, human readable usernames working on top of cryptographic addresses and more are what users are happy at.  All of these things can run on a decentralized blockchain.

When we all know they have only been available from centralized services in the past. Great question.

It is important to understand several things like the drive, the decentralized API, usernames via the DASH platform name service and the DASH Platform Protocol. For those who want to understand several educative videos are published regularly to better get to know the decentralized cloud.

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