The 15th Largest Bitcoin Whale on Earth Just Moved $1 Billion in Crypto – Here’s Where It’s Going

Crypto insiders are tracking a transaction that witnessed one of the largest Bitcoin whales in existence emptying a billion-dollar BTC wallet.

The anonymous crypto entity just relocated 45,671 BTC worth $1 billion for a fee of just $7.03.

The transfer was initially reported by the automatic blockchain surveilling tool known as the Bitcoin Block Bot.

According to the latest block explorer data, the high-stakes whale transferred the massive BTC trove to two separate addresses.

A wallet with a total of two transactions collected 11,264 BTC. A second address with a total of just one transaction received 34,406 BTC.

BitInfoCharts reveals that the big-time whale created the original wallet on October 26th and received a substantial amount of BTC on the same day. It became the 15th wealthiest wallet on December 7th as BTC’s value soared over the last few months.

The addresses involved do not have any known connections to a company that invests or works in the crypto space. Also, the Bitcoin has not been moved to any known addresses owned by crypto exchanges, where it could be traded and sold on the open market.

With Bitcoin trading above $20,000 and in the midst of a full-blown bull market, crypto intelligence platform Santiment says the largest BTC whales continue to accumulate the leading cryptocurrency.

“BTC closed Wednesday (UTC) with a push to greater all-time highs. And this historic run hasn’t slowed down a bit. 34 new addresses containing between 100 and 10,000 BTC were made just prior to this spike, the largest gain in addresses since 11/29.”

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