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Litecoin (LTC) Value Proposition per Charlie Lee Community Inference Differs

Charlie Lee has been talking about Litecoin’s value proposition:  High liquidity & on every exchange – #2 supported on ATMs – 350m @PayPal users – $104m @Grayscale LTCN trust – 99% Scrypt hashrate dominance – MWEB fungibility/privacy – Low fees & fast txns – $500b+ value transferred – 9+ years w/ zero downtime.

However, critics have to state that LTC value is a “cheaper” BTC for new money to pump and miner dump.  Believers are asking when is the MimbleWimble & Velvet Fork? The community is happy to see Charlie Lee happy about LTC over the past week and they wish they continue to be socially active.

When Charlie Lee is talking about the value proposition of LTC, some of them were wondering if the value proposition is so good why he would dump his bags on retail. Some of them are wondering if Lee has any LTC holdings and if he is supporting this platform without being a direct invested interest?

Some of them have to state that he helps fund Litecoin related projects and is involved in the Litecoin Foundation.

Commenting on Charlie’s stats one of them stated, a lot of these stats have nothing to do with fundamentals, Charlie – only a benefit of being early. Is that enough? I believe people deserve more.

Meany clearly express that founder sold out extremely early at last top without any indication of desire to re-invest. Regardless of how this was supposedly justified, they feel it’s a terrible sign.

Commenting, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “It is easy to say something good or bad about something that we are not invested in. Litecoin (LTC) community feel so about Charlie, they want him to be invested more.”

Some of them stated that it is okay about whatever Charlie is doing because he’s honest. They further point to how all the coin founder’s who’ve dumped and always kept it a secret.

Litecoin (LTC) Bitcoin’s Little Brother

Also, people are forgetting that Litecoin Is Bitcoin’s little brother. LTC has to come up with a new marketing strategy to get in to the minds of investors. However, Litecoin did not trick people like Bitcoin Cash.

Some feel that DGB is better and that Charlie should admit it.  Those who are not positive about LTC have to say:  As someone who actually used LTC over the last 8 or 9 years I can confidently say few of this has to do with Litecoin itself. There are a plethora of coins that do what LTC does, but better. I don’t use LTC anymore for a reason; and I expect the market to follow eventually.

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