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Ripple: XRPScan releases tool to track Spark token claim



  • XRPScan provides a tool with which XRP holders can check the exact claim amount for the Spark (FLR) token airdrop.
  • With FTSO.EU a second provider has announced a token delegation service for the Flare Networks.

Before the headlines surrounding the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple Labs sent the XRP price on a massive plunge, the Spark (FLR) token airdrop was the dominant subject in the XRP ecosystem. The airdrop caused a sharp increase in XRP holdings among whales and the entry of numerous new investors. As CNF reported, around 95,000 new individual XRP accounts were created prior to the airdrop.

XRPScan releases tool for eligible XRP holders

For all those who are eligible for the airdrop, XRPScan released a useful tool yesterday. In order to track personal claim of FLR tokens, the blockchain explorer service for the XRP ledger has released a special feature for the upcoming Spark (FLR) distribution, allowing those eligible for the airdrop to determine the exact amount of FLR.

Via Twitter, XRPScan shared that users can view the amount of FLR tokens available for a unique XRP address on the website. As the screenshot below shows, the “Flare Spark distribution” section displays the Flare address, an Ethereum-like address that starts with 0x, the amount of XRP as of the snapshot date, and the corresponding amount of FLR that will likely be distributed in the first quarter of 2021.

spark claim XRP


The new feature was developed in collaboration with TowoLabs. The company was founded in 2019 to develop the XRP ledger and Interledger infrastructures and facilitate the management of cryptocurrencies without custody.

As CNF also reported, Flare Networks announced a few days ago the exact amount of Spark (FLR) tokens that will be distributed. A total of 45,827,728,412 FLR will be distributed to XRP hodler, with tokens distributed at a ratio of 1 XRP: 1.0073 FLR.

Second FLR delegation service goes live

In other news for the XRP and Spark token ecosystem, FTSO.EU, a token delegation service, has announced that they will be supporting FLR token delegation from the first day of the Flare Network mainnet. This will make FTSO.EU the second provider to provide a delegation service.

Last week, Scandinavian delegation service ScandiNodes had already announced that they have become an official validator of the XRP ledger and are expanding the scope of their delegation services. Just like ScandiNodes, FTSO users will be able to use their Spark tokens as collateral to receive XRP/FXRP and earn trading fees.

As the European-based delegation service for the Flare Network announced via Twitter, all operations on FTSO are “noncustodial.” The user’s assets remain on their wallet.