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Ethereum (ETH) Community Were Surprised to See a New Vitalik Buterin

There is a ton of work getting done on the ETH roadmap with 1559.  Lot of Ethereum Core Developer meetings are happening.  Tasks related to account abstraction, stateless, BLS Support, and the ETH2 merge is progressively occurring in the ecosystem.

The future of Ethereum is getting discussed in tiny group meetings through weekly and monthly meetings.  Developers are progressively iterating improvements in the different core projects taking Ethereum to the next level.  They are iterating in a way to come up with the outcome that will be required for customer requirements.

While all these things are happening, the gas fees are really worrying. One of the user stated, “What’s with the gas fees its really bad paying 20$ to execute a 500$ transaction is there ever going to be a solution to it?”

Some of them are feeling that whoever are making money on the high Ethereum fees are looking to keep it that way.  If the fees go away, the price of the coin will fall. This will mean many better coins with very small fees; however, there is no reason for Ethereum to improve this part as it is income for the pool.  These are just opinions, but we need to think because opinions like these come up for a reason.

Commenting on this, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert opined:  “Ethereum (ETH) developers are doing their best to move on to the next level; however, users are trying to come up with new reasons to complain about.”

Ethereum (ETH) Price and Bitcoin

While there are complainers about Ethereum, there are many users who are really happy about the Ethereum ecosystem. Some still believe that ETH will dominate Bitcoin and will catch up to a rank better than Bitcoin.

Some of them are looking for a reason on why ETH has any value next to BTC.  The use of Ethereum is understandable; however, what will make it hit $1k or any significant number is something onlookers are trying to understand.

While so much is happening in the Ethereum community, Vitalik expressed his opinions on XRP:  Looks like the Ripple/XRP team is sinking to new levels of strangeness. They’re claiming that their shitcoin should not be called a security for *public policy reasons*, namely because Bitcoin and Ethereum are “Chinese-controlled”.

Onlookers were not anyway happy about Vitalik using the word “Shitcoin.”  They felt that the way he expressed things is kind of low considering his position. Some of them have to say that this is the first time Vitalik has used this word.  Some of them call this to be a new Vitalik.

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