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DigiByte (DGB) Blockchain Facilitates Limitless Possibilities True holder will Occupy White House

DigiAssets is a very secure and scalable layer on the Digibyte blockchain, which makes it possible for their users to issue digital assets, tokens and smart contracts, digital identity and more.

The first step to getting to understand Digibyte is to learn the protocol.  The DigiAssets protocol provides all the information that is required to issue and transact digital assets on the top of the blockchain.

It is not necessary for anyone who is willing to issue an asset to be a technical person or a developer. There are several tools that can be used to issue assets without the need to have lot of technical knowledge.

Commenting, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted: “DigiByte (DGB) community are growing confidently because it is solid technology providing for limitless possibilities to represent everything in the real time world.”

DigiAssets can be used by making use of DigiByte Mobile and DigiByte Go apps for purposes like sending, accepting and storing the assets.  These can also be used to buy, sell, and swap DigiAssets through DigiAssets supported services.

Digibyte and Non-technical Users

Since DigiAssets make it possible for even non-technical users to be able to issue assets, the community loves them.

Digi-Broker is one of the DigiAssets supported services, which users can explore to experience DigiAssets.

Very soon, there will be DigiAssetX, which will be the DigiByte DigiAsset Exchange and the DigiAsset creator service.

The DigiByte approach is based on the proposition that blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum are not secure or scalable enough.

Being a highly decentralized blockchain Digibyte is public and therefore rapidly growing due to pure community participation.

Digibyte expresses that DGB is the only altcoin that is a true cryptocurrency & a valuable payment rail that contributes to the entire ecosystem. We have told you many times; hopefully you have done some homework on this. When full blown mania takes over, it will be difficult to concentrate.

Though it sounds like a bit of exaggeration, Jared Tate tweeted:  “Imagine. One Day, a True Holder will occupy the White House – Digibyte Bitcoin Litecoin.”

Jared Tate expressed his own doubts about Peter Schiff being a secret holder of cryptocurrency after he listened to a few of his previous podcasts.  Tate also pointed to how Peter’s podcasts are insightful and on how much he loved the tid bit facts he brings and the attention to detail on finance in general.

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