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Elon Musk Teases Crypto For Mars And Pumps Dogecoin

Elon Musk has been making headlines a lot these days after he tweeted all kinds of messages involving Bitcoin.

Also, Max Keiser explained that he believes billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio and Tesla CEO Elon Musk will invest in Bitcoin sooner than later.

He also said “Saylor said to Elon Musk, ‘I will share my playbook with you.’ That was the key phrase. In other words, Saylor is talking to CEOs all over the world and telling them how he did it because he knows that if he gets 10, 20, 30, 40 more companies to do the same thing, that Bitcoin price is going to go where it needs to go a lot faster, so it’s in his own self-interest.”

Elon Musk addresses the possibility of using crypto on Mars

It’s been reported that Tesla chief executive analyzes the possibility of crypto on Mars.

He responded to a discussion that has been stared by the artificial intelligence researcher Lex Fridman, the head of the electric vehicle company dropped a straightforward answer when he was asked whether the Martian economy will be running on crypto.



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