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Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash Collaborating with Groceries Shops is Cute More Groundbreaking Stuff to Come

Roger Ver expressed that, the SEC claims to protect consumers, but the reality is that they cause moral hazard, destroy billions of dollars’ worth of wealth, and protect incumbents against upstarts.

Some of the BCH community members have to state that the SEC was wrong for what it did, period.  However, some of them are not happy about the recent charges and state that if a token can lose 55% of value by a lawsuit that it is worthless.

Getting back to the BCH and BTC stuff, Roger stated, the price going up is nice, but how can Bitcoin bring more economic freedom to the world if most of the world can’t afford to transact in Bitcoin?  Unless the transaction time and costs come down, transactions with BTC is not going to be easy.

Commenting, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert opined:  “Agreed there are 2.09 quadrillion max units in BTC; however, when it comes to real world use comfortable transaction time is important. If Bitcoin Cash can make it possible – good for BCH users.”

While the goal has been long lost among BTC proponents when they chose instead of fixing the problems, to just run more marketing campaigns, perhaps BCH did what it takes to fix it.

While the discussions about BTC and BCH continues some of them feel how can a Bitcoin bring economic peace when a large part of the Bitcoin already belonging to a few whales? Some of them think that we already have this situation today with paper money.

Bitcoin Cash Use Who is Happy

A happy BCH user stated, I don’t understand the hate for BCH? I used to use BTC but then it became slow and expensive so I switched to BCH. I can’t see how anyone finds BTC useful anymore. However, when more people start believing it, the price will surely improve.

While most of what is said might go in one ear and out the other at this time, people will begin to realize the reality with time.

Critics have to state, BTC is secure and decentralized BCH is not, lightning is faster and cheaper than BCH so BCH is worthless.

While all these things are happening most of the people do not understand that they are losing their economic freedom and all they want to do is to earn profits.

Real time BCH users feel it is important to do real things with BCH. Also, stated collaborating with retail to buy groceries is cute, but it’s not groundbreaking. When BCH does things that are more fundamental and crucial they say – but sound thinkers feel buying groceries is fundamental.

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