Ripple (XRP) Users Contemplating on Whether they should buy XRP or Wait

Ripple supporters have to state that the SEC have cherry picked and truncated the facts and quotes.  They are very positive in that Ripple is going to come out victorious. This is a hearty news of hope for those users who are contemplating on whether they should buy XRP or Wait.

Regarding the allegations from SEC, Brad Garlinghouse tweeted:  “A very important reminder!   Thus far the world has heard the SEC’s version of reality. The legal process will unfold from here and the world will have a much more robust and complete picture of the facts soon.”

Stuart Alderoty clarifies that the SEC allegations has lost its time.  He points to how the complaint was not filed for 7 years, but now just a day before the Chair leaves office.

From the many discussions it is becoming very clear that from litigating in the court the industry will be getting the kind of clarity it deserves.

Ripple (XRP) Community Expects Clarify Post Litigation

After clarity through due Litigation, Ripple are going to go places. At the cusp of a bull run some of the investors hope that the court should sort it soon.

Commenting, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “ Despite the court being the place where the issues will be framed and arguments will be submitted, there are lot of framing of arguments happening in Twitter already regarding the Ripple (XRP) charges.”

When matters are versus the government it is a good thing to get things worked out through the court.

Some of them are wondering if XRP community can file a class action lawsuit on SEC for dragging their feet and SEC causing real damage to investors right now.  The community are interested to know about some provision that must hold SEC responsible for losses caused to investors by their own in actions and dereliction.

David Schwartz when expressing his views in this regard stated, The United States is one of the few countries where regulators will, after years of you operating in full light of day and frequently updating them on everything you’re doing, turn around and tell you that you should have known you were breaking decade’s old laws all along.

Whether the law has broken or not, there were a lot of XRP investors who were already worried about the price of XRP, they are now heartbroken irrespective of the reality of the facts proposed and they fear what is set to come next.

Some users are wondering if they will move their operations elsewhere.

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