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Ethereum (ETH) Should Dominate Bitcoin If Internet Should Become Interesting Again

One of the twitter users expressed, I am still willing to bet that Ethereum will significantly eclipse Bitcoin long-term. It’s one of very few things that makes the Internet feel exciting again.

Ethereum is a Turing Complete System.  This makes it very interesting already.  In 2021, the discussion about Ethereum and crypto is becoming a topic of discussion among not only techies, but also among those who are just getting introduced to it.

Reportedly, it is very obvious that every forward thinking individual or institution in terms of finance would not want to ignore Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others.  In a competitive world, it is common to see one competitor willing to dethrone the best in the industry to take its place.  There are several tokens who are doing all it takes for them to become the Ethereum Killer; however, while ETH resists such competition and strives to be the best, Ethereum is evolving to be a fit competitor to overthrow Bitcoin.

Several contenders have already proposed The Ethereum Protocol to be one that is fit to compete with Bitcoin.

When Ethereum evolves, it will definitely disrupt the internet third-parties by protecting its users from the vulnerabilities of storing information with private providers. Protection from attack is very important for internet users.  There are lot of privacy attacks happening.  When ETH evolves with a promising development in security technologies, it is surely going to be protective for users on the network; thus, Ethereum is hailed to be the potential disruptive technology for the internet and also for centralized internet networks.

Ethereum (ETH) Developer’s Rabbit Hole

Anyone who are working in the Ethereum Network, particularly some developers feel like they have gone down somewhere in the Rabbit hole.  Lot of criticisms are taking place when it comes to Ethereum – about their scalability issues and a range of other stuff like them working for ever and delays and more.

Ethereum developers are working in phases and are progressing.  The day is not far when Ethereum will prove its stance as a pioneer in being the world computer.  It is soon going to replace internet third parties, in contract execution particularly in the insurance industry, storing of data and exchanging financial instruments.

Users will enjoy running decentralized apps on Ethereum; however, this might not be free.  They are going to come for a price.  Just that it will be the price worth the value it delivers. And, in the end it will also be working well from the investment stand point too! When all this happens Ethereum and Bitcoin might weight on the same scale or Ethereum will overthrow BTC or ETH play the Queen and BTC the King or we need to see how it happens.

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