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TRON Network 18 Million Account Strong Introducing More Regulated Stable Coins



TRON is set to home TUSD and more of regulated stable coins. WBTC on TRON is also officially launched.

Justin Sun claims that TRON is the busiest decentralized network in the world and is used by many institutions worldwide, with their 18 million accounts.  He further stated that users should not believe there is any merit to baseless claims that have been spread by third parties.

He recently stated, the campaign to on board the next wave of users must be framed in language they understand, with a value proposition that resonates. People shouldn’t use an app because it’s decentralized – they should do so despite it.

Some of them are wondering why the price of TRON is not going high despite being 18 million accounts strong.  Founders dumping tokens could be one of the reasons and yet another reason could be too many coins getting introduced. And, another reason might be that people simply do not understand why there are so many schemes.

One of the users stated that he purchased TRX when it was 0.27$ and on how the price is now 0.03.  However, he convinces himself with the hope that things will get better with more of upgrades happening.

The brilliance of blockchain technology is known to everyone.  People are looking to buy crypto and altcoins.  They are now not thinking whether they should buy crypto or not, but they are wondering which one to buy.  When the users become eagled eyed about which one to buy – ultimately they are going to derive a reason as to why they should buy a particular token.  The crypto that will win people is the crypto that will be here around to stay.  There will be a point in time where the tricks will not work any longer.

TRON (TRX) NFT Protocol

TRON recently unveiled TRC-721 their first NFT Standard Protocol.  The coming of TRC-721 is expected to open up new possibilities in the TRON Network in terms of blockchain applications.

TRC-721 is expected to play a major role in Layer 2 solutions.  DApps and projects like tBTC are expected to provide huge economic value.  More of DeFi projects are expected to integrate with NFTs to improve on their ecosystems. Standardized NFTs means infinite opportunities on TRON.

Every token created in compliance with TRC-721 is irreplaceable and it has a unique ID.  Thus, real world items can be moved on chain in a truly digital form without having to compromise on their unique values.

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