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Cardano News: Daedalus 3.1.0 Delivers Support For Upcoming ‘Cardano App For Ledger’

Cardano kicks in 2021 with great news. IOHK dropped an important announcement on social media, and you can check it out below.

IOHK also noted: “It also includes improved stake pool search functions. You can now search for pools by their IDs, now also displayed in the Delegation wizard for additional verification. Double-check your preferred pool’s ID against their website or social profile 2/3”

The team also posted this message: “If you are an existing #Daedalus user, you will receive a newsfeed update inviting you to update. Or download our full-node #Cardano wallet today, only from the official Daedalus site
@cardano #ADA 3/3.”

The feedback that the team received was a great one, with people showing their excitement via the comments.

Someone said: “Guys, can you please slow down a bit? You seem to be working too much; my computer can’t update that fast.”

Another follwoer asked: “This means that inside ledger live we can see our Cardano balances?” and someone responded: “No Ledger Live. The “Cardano app for Ledger” is the tiny program that you start on your Ledger. It communicates with your software wallet.”

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