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Clear VPN is the best VPN for your Mac in 2021



Having a VPN service has gone from being something exotic typical of security experts to being a necessity if you connect to the internet from mobile devices or access public WiFi networks. You never know who is on the other side, so all help is little if you want to preserve your privacy. And among the increasingly extensive list of VPN proposals, one of the most recent isClearVPN. And as a guarantee, behind this VPN is MacPaw.

MacPaw may not tell you anything, although it is a veteran company in the Apple ecosystem. In its catalog we find applications as popular as The Unarchiver, CleanMyMac or Gemini. It is also worth mentioning Setapp, its alternative to the Apple App Store that gives you access to more than 150 paid applications in exchange for a monthly subscription.

A VPN service adapted to each activity

The bases of a VPN network or service are known, although it is not superfluous to summarize them. A VPN, acronym for Virtual Private Network, is a private network that you connect to to access the Internet. The VPN acts as a secure intermediary, since it offers an encrypted connection and stands between the services you access from the internet and your own device.

For years, using VPNs to protect the privacy of your connections has become commonplace. Virtually all current security firms offer their own VPN service along with the usual antivirus and firewalls.

On the other hand, ClearVPN is a VPN service that stands out by the way it adapts to the type of service or connection you require at all times. That is, on the one hand it offers an encrypted connection to access the internet. To this must be added the use of own servers that act as a virtual defense.

The novelty is that the VPN service offered adapts to what you want to do at that time. As examples, its managers cite common activities such as starting a call or video call, browsing the web, broadcasting content on the Internet, watching a movie, playing an online video game…

Clear VPN also continues with this business model. We can choose the free or paid option. Now what makes ClearVPN unique to other providers is its DynamicFlow technology. It automatically analyzes the current state of our network and connects it to the inactive server faster to enable the secure connection and based on what you plan to do while using the VPN. With Dynamic Flow, users can focus on enjoying their online interactions and do not need to focus on technical details, such as server selection.

As we said, we have two options. The free and premium mode with a price of $12.95 per month or $92,95  per year. Promotional price because usually the cost is 131.40. The truth is that nothing is lost to try this new VPN on the market that does not need too many technical requirements to be able to work on the Mac and is compatible with macOS Big South.