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Ripple (XRP) Working to Ensure Lowest Transaction Fee And the Golden Repair Continues

Ripple have been doing a lot to improve financial inclusion through technology. They are exclusively focusing on innovations that are customer focused. And, they always put the needs of customers first.

Every standout innovation is backed by a journey that has made it possible.  Ripple are looking to facilitate IOV (internet of value) in the process of making it possible to move money like information on the internet.

The robust infrastructure of Ripple is creating new opportunities to influence the lives of billions of people. Blockchain is doing the job of bringing several billions of unbanked people on to the financial ecosystem, thus accelerating financial inclusion.

Improving customer satisfaction has been the focus of several financial institutions.  They have been doing a lot to ensure that those who have the least need not pay the most in terms of transaction fees.

Customers are always looking at the highest standards and Ripple are doing all that it takes to not break their hearts. Ripple are customer obsessed and they are self-critical when it comes to trying to do the best for their customers.

They are solving real problems by facilitating architecturally sound systems.  Ripplers are all about the best innovations for products which use a variety of technologies including front-end to highest scale backend services, blockchain, data platform and advanced machine learning.

Ripple (XRP) Golden Repair

One of the XRP optimists state, “Golden repair” is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, a method similar to the maki-e technique.”

Perhaps, Ripple will soon come out of the SEC induced mess that even pulled XRP investors down.

Brad Garlinghouse recently stated, “No one is being silent, nor will we give up this fight. We’re on the right side of the facts and of history, and look forward to our day in court – as well as engaging with the new SEC leadership once appointed.”

Believers spell hope and unto Brad they say:  We believe in you, thank you for leading the charge into new territory! This shows incredible courage and fortitude, and I firmly believe that this will be rewarded. Fortune favors the bold.

Ripple are continuing with the best of their many projects like environmentally conscious payments, sustainability in fintech, improving on interoperability, neutral bridge assets and partnerships are key to the long-term success of CBDCs.

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