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Binance Acknowledges VeChain as a Provider of Blockchain Solutions for Businesses around the Globe

Binance, the arguably largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has just published an article, which describes VeChain (VET) as a provider of blockchain solutions for businesses around the globe.

VeChain community members have seen this acknowledgment as a huge sign that the ecosystem is making notable progress.

Binance tweeted, “VeChain provides blockchain solutions for businesses around the globe. $VET is the coin that underpins VeChain, where $VTHO is the gas token that’s used for transactions.”

Shedding more light on what VeChain represents, Binance says VeChain has a lot of existing industry blockchain applications from supply chain management to anti-counterfeiting and carbon credits.

The top exchange further pointed out that VeChain’s systems have continued to prove themselves in the real world, adding that the VTHO is much like Ethereum’s gas token, used for transactions on the VeChainThor blockchain.

In the comments, some VeChain community members showcased their excitement towards the effort and time put into writing the article. They expect the article to serve as a means to enlighten those with the wrong motive about VeChain’s purpose and mission.

However, a user prefers this to come from the US-based crypto exchange, Coinbase, rather than Binance.

VeChain Introduces Fee-Delegation as a Service (DaaS) and VIP-201

VeChain continues to improve its services to its clients in various industries across the world, in the quest to make its path to mass adoption clearer.

This brought about the introduction of Fee-Delegation as a Service (DaaS) and VIP-201, targeted at serving as a game-changing enhancement of its fee-delegation protocol.

According to the report published on 15th January 2021, DaaS is expected to enhance the mass adoption of dApps, NFT gaming, and DeFi applications.

VeChain Foundation tweeted, “VeChain is excited to introduce the Fee-Delegation as a Service (DaaS) and VIP-201, a significant game-changing enhancement of our fee-delegation protocol. With DaaS, we enable seamless mass adoption of dApps, NFT gaming and DeFi applications!”

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