Why is it Important to Watch the NEO Smart Economy in the Blockchain Space in Q1 2021

Neo being an open-source, community-driven platform leveraging the intrinsic advantages of blockchain technology to achieve the optimized digital world of the future are worth watching in 2021. NEO 3.0 TestNet is coming in Q1 2021, MainNet will not be far.

The expectation is that NEO 3.0 will pave the way for the smart economy. Some of the users are expecting for some good news about the gas after the 3.0 happens.

NEO News
Meanwhile, on Jan 18th 21:00 HKT, NEO will be participating in the Asian Financial Forum to explore the “State of Blockchain.”

The NEO News Today are publishing the monthly reports in 7 languages and it is possible for users to Catch up on all the most recent protocol, infrastructure, tooling, community, and marketing developments with the December $NEO Global Monthly Report. International versions are available in English, Russian, Turkish, French, Korean, Arabic, and Italian.

The latest noteworthy news in the ecosystem is about Neo SPCC having released a new milestone update to the NeoGo project. This consists of compatibility with the core Neo3 Preview4 implementation and further brings a range of other improvements across the node, SDK, and compiler.

NEO Smart Economy Flamingo Finance
The PERP trading competition, NGD’s Neo Blockchain Toolkit Preview4 release is an ongoing excitement in the ecosystem.

Flamingo Finance launched their PERP trading competition recently. The competition provided 100,000 FLM prize pool and was meant to test the Perp protocol. Participants are permitted can trade the virtual Bitcoin using TestUSD test coins and they were permitted with up to 5x leverage and were ranked by profit and loss calculation.

The competition began on Jan. 8,2021 and will be runming through Jan. 22, 2021.

NGD Enterprise made available the the Neo Blockchain Toolkit for Preview4. This release consisted of offline mode (PrivateNet) with oracle development and debugging. Further the NEP-17 compatibility, enhanced smart contract invocation and management. And the new test framework is using fluent assertions and lot more.

Da Hongfei on Polynetwork
Further Da Hongfei when talking about Poly Network pointed to how it will be supporting cross-chain transactions thus providing liquidity between the public chains and projects for the interoperability alliance to explore emerging opportunities in a wilder field.

For clarity, On January 15, 2021, PolyNetwork2 struck a partnership agreement with BinanceChain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Poly Network will support developers in developing dApps and other digital assets based on BSC’s smart contract functions.