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Is Chainlink Coin Price A Rocket? Sets An All-Time High $25.65

  • Chainlink performed positive momentum on Monday’s trading session
  • Chainlink coin price is $24.28, which is up by 0.23% in last 24 hour time frame and is 9.28% up from the previous week
  • LINK/BTC pair is negative with a loss of 4.10% in Monday’s trading session (0.00072639)
Source: Coinmarketcap

Chainlink had positive momentum on the weekly chart, and it went up to $25.65 on January 25, 2021, while breaking above the resistance zone. Chainlink coin price set a mark of all-time high with help of overall market conditions. The LINK/ETH pair is also in a downtrend with a value of 2.48% in Monday’s trading session (0.017349).

Chainlink Technical Chart Reflects A Sideways Momentum

Source: TradingView

The technical chart of Chainlink highlights a positive trend with the help of overall market conditions on Monday’s trading session. Chainlink coin price is $24.28, with a resistance zone of $26.81, following the support zone of $19.94. Diving into the weekly chart of 1-hour time frame, it forms a three black crows pattern, indicating the bears have overwhelmed the bulls and are now in control.

The Volume indicator of value (203.713K) reflects a selling volume in coin due to the overall market’s condition. One can further see an increase in selling volume in the next few trading sessions.

MACD indicator (Neutral), no bearish or bullish crossover signal line is spotted on January 25, 2021, during the trading session, it indicates a neutral signal in the coin. Also, it denotes the end of green or red bars in the Histogram.

Meanwhile, the RSI indicator (Bullish) with a value of 57 indicates a buy signal in the coin. It may soon move towards the neutral territory if selling increases in the coin.


Chainlink coin price is up by 0.23% on Monday’s trading session. The price is below the resistance zone of 26.81. One can further expect a neutral trend in the coin, as all technical indicators suggest for the next few trading session

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