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Ana Maria Braga comments on R $ 750 billion in Bitcoin lost by investors



More than R $ 750 billion in Bitcoin has been “lost” by users who have forgotten or lost their digital wallet passwords.

Who commented on the above fact was the presenter of the TV Globo Program, Mais Você, Ana Maria Braga.

In the edition that aired last week, more precisely on the 26th, the presenter commented on the importance of creating secure passwords and storing them carefully.

As an example, he cited the case of the $ 140 billion in inaccessible Bitcoin.

Almost 20% of Bitcoins are “lost”

The reference used by Ana Maria Braga was a report in The New York Times published on January 14.

At the time, the newspaper reported on the case of the man who lost the password to his cryptocurrency wallet and, as a result, was unable to recover more than R $ 1 billion in BTC.

Thus, using data from Chainalysis, the newspaper noted that, of the 18.5 million existing Bitcoins, about 20% are in wallets whose passwords have been lost.

In addition, Wallet Recovery Services, a company that helps find lost digital keys, said it received 70 requests a day from people who wanted to recover the keys.

On the subject, Ana Maria Braga commented that there is no regulatory body for Bitcoin. Therefore, there is no password recovery service.

No password, no Bitcoin

In that sense, she noted that it is critical that users keep passwords safe. After all, no password, no Bitcoin.

“In other words, he lost his password, he lost his money,” said the presenter.

She further noted that many people even resort to hypnosis to try to remember passwords and recover wealth.

It is worth mentioning that Satoshi Nakamoto himself considered the lost Bitcoins as a donation for everyone.

“Lost coins just make everyone else’s coins worth a little more,” said the creator of Bitcoin.

Check out the excerpt from the Mais Você program where Ana Maria Braga cites the case of lost Bitcoins: [/ embed]

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